Moderator: How Swiss Medtech Companies Can Take Advantage of Social Media



Alex Hatebur

As a serial entrepreneur Alex co-founded Medical Insights AG in 2013 where he serves as Chairman of the Board. Alex is also co-founder and co-owner of finebrain AG and Bluenaut AG. Previously he worked in a leading engineering and consulting firm in Switzerland and in the Medtech company Stratec (today DePuySynthes) leading numerous innovation projects. Alex holds a master’s degree in materials engineering from the institute of technology ETH Zurich

Jean-Michel Locarnini

Jean-Michel holds a PhD in Technology from the Zürich Federal Institute of Technology. He started his career at the IBM Research Center, in the US. His business management career began with Apollo Computers, later he joined Digital Equipment Corporation. In 2000 he left his Executive Vice president position with ABB to start Knowledge Economy Ltd, a company focusing on designing and implementing visions, strategies and business models aimed at improving organizational and business performances.


Philipp Tholen

Philipp has spent more than ten years in various leadership positions in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. He started his career in the marketing department of Porsche AG in Stuttgart. Thereafter, he joined an international corporation which develops solutions for the pharmaceutical processing industry. In 2011, he became managing director of the company’s business in South Africa. At Ava, he is taking the role of VP Product and Operations.

Andy Tonazzi

Andy brings over 15 years of experience in various leadership positions in service oriented companies. He gained a technical focused basic education and has since then studied leadership and management. He was appointed Head of Sales & Key Account Management in 2009. Later he was appointed CEO of konplan and successfully completed a management buyout in 2012. Since then he has developed the company into a well positioned player in the Swiss Engineering market for MD and Mechatronic Systems.