About Swiss Medtech Day 2018

The entire sector - including industry players, young entrepreneurs, universities, and investors - will meet at the largest national medtech event, and transform the Kursaal Bern into a ┬źMecca of Medical Technology┬╗. This is Swiss Medtech Day:

  • One Science Slam
  • Two Keynote presentations
  • Three Swiss Medtech Award finalists
  • Five Breakout Sessions
  • 30 Exhibitors
  • 50 Posters on current R & D projects
  • 600 Attendees.

Swiss Medtech Award
The Swiss Medtech Award will be awarded for the first time at Swiss Medtech Day 2018. This award - including several ten thousand francs in prize money - will add to the attractiveness of the industry conference.

To date, the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) was primarily responsible for planning the conference. This year, Swiss Medtech is taking over the organisation and we are pleased that CTI will continue on as the convention's main partner.



SWISS MEDTECH was established on 12 June 2017 following the merger of two national medtech organizations, FASMED and Medical Cluster. The new association represents the interests of the Swiss medtech industry. The aim is to maintain international competitiveness, innovative capacity, and to strengthen the domestic market.

SWISS MEDTECH is committed to promoting Switzerland as a leading scientific workplace and centre of research by providing targeted training and further education programmes, symposiums, export-promoting services, and supportive measures for entrepreneurship. The Association also contributes significantly to ensuring quality-oriented health care with fair reimbursement rates and advanced innovation funding for patient well-being.

SWISS MEDTECH supports and advises members on regulatory, tariffs and legal issues, provides regular information on the latest developments and is continually adding to the national Medtech Portal and other services.




Commission for Technology & Innovation CTI

The CTI is the federal innovation promotion agency responsible for encouraging science-based innovation in Switzerland by providing financing, professional advice and networks.

The CTI operates on the principle of subsidiarity, supporting innovation projects which, due to lack of funding, would not otherwise be possible, or whose market potential could not be realised. It is active in cases where initiatives in the private sector can be supported by state measures. By helping to transfer research results into concrete marketable products, CTI helps to improve the competitiveness of Swiss businesses, particularly SMEs, thereby contributing to a strong, innovative economy in Switzerland.



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