Four Breakout Sessions

Four breakout sessions address important issues of the Swiss Medtech industry.


Market Access

Accessing markets for medtech equipment is an extremely complex undertaking. Many details must be considered in order to avoid pitfalls when preparing a successful product launch. The first part of the session will use the Swiss market to illustrate issues associated with market access. This will be followed by a comprehensive overview of tariffs and reimbursements to provide reference points for future detailed investigations. The last segment will be dedicated to outlining international trends; be it HTA, or reimbursement issues. The goal is to facilitate a discussion, provide attendees with basic information, and help increase their awareness of go-to-market strategies.

The panel:

  • Markus Ott, Ascensia
  • Christoph Napierala, Siemens Healthcare AG
  • Hansjörg Riedwyl, ISS Integrated Scientific Services AG
  • Fabian Stadler, FASMED
  • Peter Wehrheim, St. Jude Medical


The Workplace in 2020

Is the Swiss Medtech industry experiencing deindustrialization or another surge in growth? Regardless of production location, continual process optimization as well as the use of modern production technologies and digitization of business processes are essential to be prepared for the future. In addition, customers expect increasingly individualized and more complex services. In this breakout session, successful entrepreneurs and specialists from a variety of fields will discuss what the Swiss workplace can expect in the coming years and how companies can achieve profitable growth and compete successfully in the changing market.

The panel:

  • Marco Gadola, Institut Straumann AG
  • Andy Habermacher, leading brains
  • Dr. Christoph Kumpf, Comparatio Health GmbH
  • Daniel Odermatt, Leancom GmbH
  • Dr. Ralf C. Schlaepfer, Deloitte


Sustainable Innovation Culture

This session will examine the strategic importance of innovation for medtech companies in Switzerland from many angles. What is the difference between invention and innovation? Are the efforts to promote innovation in Switzerland helpful? Who is responsible for innovation in companies? How can you utilise public funding opportunities most effectively? The high-calibre panel will focus entirely on the issue of sustainable innovation culture. As a session attendee, you are invited to actively participate in the discussion.

The panel:

  • Dr. Daniel Bühler, Biotronik
  • Dr. Gery Colombo, Hocoma
  • Corinne König, DePuy Synthes
  • Beat Lechmann, DePuy Synthes
  • Dr. Michael Oberle, NeMoDevices
  • Jürg H. Schnetzer, Swissmedic
  • Prof. Dr. Beda Stadler, CTI
  • Prof. Dr. Gabor Székely, CTI
  • Dr. Yanik Tardy, Dentsply Sirona
  • Andy Tonazzi, konplan systemhaus AG


State of the Art Research

Swiss academic institutions perform a wide range of biomedical engineering activities. New materials to overcome existing product limitations, cost-reducing innovative algorithms, and smart implants that deliver new therapeutic options will provide the basis for the products of tomorrow. The road from idea to finished product is long - but innovation and new products aren’t possible without fresh ideas. In this session, we open the doors to different labs in Switzerland and showcase hotspots of outstanding research that will influence advancements in the future.

The panel:

  • Dr. Nilchian Masih, EPF Lausanne
  • Dr. Serge Pfeifer, SPEAG
  • Dr. Jakob Schwiedrzik, Empa
  • Prof. Dr. Jess Snedeker, University and ETH Zurich