Winner Science Slam 2018

Effect of Curodont Repair and Fluoride on Remineralisation in Patients with Class 5 Caries
University of Geneva
credentis ag


Nominees Science Slam 2018

Molecular rapid tests for the direct detection of microorganisms
Institut für Infektionskrankheiten
certus molecular diagnostics ag

Monitoring of wearing time of orthodontic elastics
Bern University of Applied Sciencees

Eye, Robot

Innovative reactor design for large batch deposition of ultratight, biocompatible Multilayer (HERMEC)
Haute École Arg Ingénierie
Coat-X S.A

How to die young

ETH Zurich
German Heart Center Berlin
University Hospital Zurich

Safe Puncture Optimized Tool for Retinal Vein Cannulation
EPFL Instant-Lab
Hôpital ophtalmique Jules Gonin