Science Slam

The seven nominees for the Science Slam at Swiss Medtech Day 2016 are:


  • ChordArt- Fixing a broken heart… in less than 3 minutes
    Thomas Bauer, CoreMedic AG
    Winner of the Science Slam at Swiss Medtech Day 2016

  • MIRACI - Minimally Invasive and Robotically Assisted Cochlear Implantation
    Stefan Weber, ARTORG Center, University of Bern

  • Harry Potter and the potion of rejuvenation
    Dr. Stefan Hettwer, Rahn AG
    Dr. Stephanie Mathes, ZHAW

  • Old idea new perspective
    Samantha Chan, Empa
    Dr. Karin Niederberger, Stryker GmbH
    Dr. Beatrice Gutt, Empa

  • n!ce
    Andrew Burg, Institut Staumann AG
    Shokoufeh Khodabandeh, Institut Staumann AG

  • Nanotechnology for Enhanced X-ray radiology
    Lucia Romano, ETH Zurich

  • 3D Bioprinting: Human engineered muscle-tendon tissues for drug development
    Sandra Laternser, ZHAW
    Hansjörg Keller, Novartis AG